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>> Cost-effective Vibration Measurement for Slide and Roller Bearings
VCS - Vibro Control Solutions™ replaces nonexisting monitoring staff on-site. All impressions this skilled operator heard and felt, VCS provides as a processable 4...20mA signal.
VCS ist a universally applicable measuring system for machine vibrations by kmo turbo. It consists of a robust, easy-to-install accelerometer (M12-thread) and a transducer in a DIN rail housing. VCS can be used for high-speed units (e.g. turbines) as well as for low-speed units (e.g. fans for cooling towers). Different evaluation modes of the transducer (average or envelope) allow the use for both roller and slide bearings. VCS offers the option of a self-test for sensor and transducer. The range of applications is not limited to new plants. VCS is predestined for the retrofit of existing machines.
>> "Flight Recorder" for Industrial Machines
The perfect add-on for machine diagnosis and vibration analysis
Causes of malfunction can be detected extra reliably by comparative measurements. kmo turbo offers a "flight recorder" for industrial use which next to conventional machine protection monitors particular faults and damage causes individually. By this, the safety degree of monitoring increases. Simultaneously all relevant data of the actual machine condition are available. Preventive countermeasures can be planned and carried out in time. Besides vibration signals any expressive indication concerning the machine condition as speed, efficiency, temperatures and process values are continuously recorded and stored. So after each trouble the reason and the progress can be easily detected. Permanently calculated FFT- spectra of up to 8 measuring points enable helpful information to find out the cause of vibration troubles. With a visualising software the process data can be shown in informative graphics.
>> Detect "water in oil" and leakages without delay!
The qualified operator used to control his machine regularly. Checking the oil system hourly he was able to detect even the smallest leckage and fixed it immediately. In times of drastic staff reduction due to automation, the disappearance of the human operator has adversely affected the quality of monitoring. In order to compensate for this, appropriate sensors and automatic monitoring must be provided.
In terms of controlling a lube oil system SLM - Smart Level Monitoring® by kmo turbo can meet this task. The basic principle of this automatic and stand-alone control is the monitoring of comparative dynamic limits (= limits which are adapted to the normal change of level according to the current operating condition of the machine and its oil system). The advantage is that troubles are detected without delay and not only after exceeding permanently fixed limits. Many times a trouble can only be connected with the cause usefully and instructively if it is signalled immediately. Each customary level transmitter can be connected to SLM.
>> Retrofit of Hydraulic Actuators to 4...20mA Control
In the cause of upgrading measures (e.g. the implementing of a process control system) it is necessary to control hydraulic actuators via a mA signal. kmo turbo solves this task with an approved concept based on standard components.
At conventional constructions the control oil pressure is between 5 and 15 bar. For exact positioning a pilot actuation with a mechanical position feedback is required. Additionaly a diaphragm pressure transducer is needed for the conversion from pneumatic to hydraulic and an I/P-converter for the conversion from electric to pneumatic. All those components are maintenance and fault sensitive. It is getting more and more difficult to get skilled personnel for maintenance even from the manufacturer. The concept by kmo turbo gets rid of the said components and allows direct electronic control after short retrofitting and commissioning time.
>> Anti-Surge Control and Surge Protector
Persistent surging of a turbo compressor will lead to massive damages. The breakdown of flow can have disastrous effects on the following process. Therefore compressors should be equipped with two independent systems, an anti-surge control and surge protection.
The anti-surge control holds up stable operation. While approaching the surge line, the flow of the compressor is kept at the lowest possible value by opening a by-pass valve. If the controller failes due to external circumstances the compressor surges. Only in this case the surge protection is activated. It is supposed to prevent persistent surging by a suitable control intervention. The Anti-Surge Control and Surge Protector by kmo turbo stand out from conventional control concepts by numerous practical functions. In particular they are predestined for the retrofit of existing machines.
>> Wear Indicator for Wet Seals
Frequently there is a direct connection between seal damage and a change of operating parameters. By monitoring the gradient a failure is signalled immediately. This allows to draw direct conclusions regarding the cause of the trouble.
The leakage fluid under pressure is usually seperated by condensate drains and led into a collecting tank. Condensate drains are fault-sensitive. Malfunction can lead to damming of the liquid. Thus dirt from the tank pollutes the seal and accelerates the wearing process considerably. A faulty drain can also lead to dangerous gas blow-off. kmo turbo has developed a control unit for optimized draining with intelligent monitoring functions. For the first time malfunction and its negative side effects can be detected right in time.
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