kmo turbo is a German engineering company based on decades of turbomachinery experience. Besides troubleshooting, commissioning and the proficient retrofit of used machines we develop, manufacture and distribute innovative solutions for the control and vibration monitoring of rotating equipment of all manufacturers. Over the years kmo turbo has build a reliable network of partners and specialists. Thereby we are able to provide high quality and outstanding products at attractive pricing. All our products are designed for maximum operational benefit.

We look forward to meet your individual technical challenge!


In the following (please scroll down!) You find documents about selected products and services as download links.



>> kmo Turbocompressor Audit

      for Anti-Surge Control & Reverse-Flow Protection

>> kmo Reverse-Flow Protection & Anti-Surge Control

      Expert controls for turbocompressors

>> kmo Anti-Surge Control Valve

      Pneumatic control valve with outstanding dynamic

      behaviour and quick opening times below 1 sec

>> kmo MultiSignal AD

      Multichannel generator for analog and digital signals
      - the ideal simulation tool for PLC programmers

>> kmo TopMessage

      "flight recorder" for industrial machines
      permanent vibration analysis

      and machine data logging



>> kmo Probe Mounting System (KS016)

      for reverse mount eddy current probes

      - oil-tight, with insulating connection head,        

        large adjustment range

        and once-for-all adjustment

>> kmo SensiChecker & LoopChecker

      Dynamic test of vibration monitoring systems

      Testing the sensitivity of the measuring circuit


>> kmo GAP Tester

      - measuring unit for time-saving and comfortable
        adjustment of the gap of eddy current probes

>> kmo VibroUniT

      - universal transmitter for shaft vibration

        and axial position measurement


      --> Product information          

      --> Adjusting Axial Position Probes      

      --> Risks of inconsistent rotor vibration

            monitoring on turbomachines

>> kmo VCS

      Robust accelerometer with 4...20 mA transmitter

      - cost-effective vibration measurement

        for slide and roller bearings



>> Retrofit of Hydraulic Actuators

      to electronic control (4...20 mA) ´

>> KALB design valves

      Approved valves for the pressure control in

      lubricating, sealing and control systems:

      --> Type R: KALB pressure control valve     

      --> Type S: KALB relief valve with control screw

      --> Type DM: KALB pressure reducing valve

>> kmo SLM

      Smart Level Monitoring

      - detect "water in oil" and leakages without delay!

>> kmo Wear Indicator

      for wet seals